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A Better Way To Search For Homes In Ocala

A new way to search the Ocala MLS. A must read for anyone interested in buying Ocala real estate.

The “Listing Cart” is a relatively new featured provided by the Ocala Marion County MLS. You define your search criteria such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet of living area, size of lot etc. Actually, you can get very very specific or keep the search very broad. A word of warning though, too broad a search will yield hundreds and hundreds of homes.

After defining your search you will be emailed a link to the Ocala MLS where your listing cart is hosted. You can then look at details of the home and up to 12 images. You can delete houses you don’t like and even make notes about the ones you do like.

Whenever a new home is listed you will get an automatic email notification about a new addition to your listing cart. If you don’t like your search and want to change it then all it takes is a quick email.

You can either email me about what you would like in a home or use the Dream Home Finder service of my web site. I need your email address and first & last name (without your last name I will have to make one up because it’s one of the must fill in fields needed to set up the cart).

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