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Buyer Advice

When I started in real estate in 2006 I was taught by my broker to get listings and work with sellers like most agents. You can work with a lot of sellers at a time but only a few buyers.

When my website started getting a lot of traffic I discovered it was almost all buyers. Most buyers were from outside the area and most were looking for a retirement home. Eventually I decided to specialize in helping buyers relocate to the Ocala area.

A Buyers Agent is just a Realtor who works with buyers. There is no special legal definition. I am a transaction broker like most Florida Realtors. Some Buyers Agents are part of a team where the team leader takes so many listing they do not have time to work with buyers so a less experienced agent is usually recruited to help. I am not part of a team.

I have a system for helping buyers.

Education. I educate people about the area, the communities in a buyers chosen price range and the buying process in Florida. I do this via my website, email and in person and phone conversation.

The Listing Portal. This lets a buyer log into the Ocala MLS and see listing that are from a custom search that I set up for them. It is far beyond what you can do on other websites and the MLS is a source of all listings on all other websites. Buyers can see what you get for your money before seeing homes in person. This will give buyers the confidence that if they list their existing home that they can find one here in Ocala. I like to have the buyer pick listings to see in person themselves. I may suggest additional listings or provide guidance such as maybe that roof is too old but the buyer is always in charge.

Conflicts of interest. I have no conflicts. I do not work in any one community. I go where a buyers needs and budget take me. I have no association with any new home builder although I am free to work with any who will pay a Realtor commission. I almost never have listing myself. I get nothing extra for selling  listings within our company. I get nothing from any vendor I may recommend.

The Purchase Process. I walk you through the purchase process here in Florida. Every state is different. Things like the escrow deposit, home inspections and title companies may be different that other states for example.

Home Value. Once you select a home I will reasearch sold comparables from the past 90 days and give you a report to establish fair market value. I will look for permits to see the age of a roof or AC. I will find deed restrictions to read prior to making an offer. We will then work on an offer based on those comps and I will present it to the listing agent.

Vendors. I can recommend a local lender, established home inspector, surveyor or most anyone you may need.

This is a total process where I help buyers decide on what best fits their needs. I get nothing for my services unless you buy a house in Ocala. All I ask is that you work with me exclusively in my area.

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