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We were looking for a home in a 55+ community. We wanted a realtor who would be honest, reliable, knowledgeable of the area and show us all homes, not just the ones they are selling.
After much research, we found Joe’s website, which we found very informative. When we read he only assists buyers, we decided to go with him. We looked at many homes in several 55+ communities.
I love his listing cart. When a home came on the market and it was what we were looking for, the home would be added to our listing cart and we would get an email, whether it is a new home on the market, or a price change on a home. You can delete the homes you don’t want. If you are only looking a specific community, Joe can set it up to only look in that community. It really helped us remembering the homes we liked.
He was always available, quick to respond to emails and phone calls.
He helped us tremendously in finding our home. If he found something wrong, he would bring it to our attention. If you are looking for a home in a 55+ community, I would highly recommend Joe.

Being new to the area of Ocala and more specifically On Top of the World and Stone Creek, and after major googling, I enlisted the help of Joe Dallorso in my hunt for my new home.  We chatted back and forth on email and I felt comfortable with Joe.  When I finally arrived in Ocala, Joe was impeccable in lining up numerous properties for me to view, both new and resale.  He was so informative and helpful as he knew the area so well.  But above all, he was just a really personable and enjoyable person who helped me find my perfect home.  Thank you Joe, not only for your welcome to the Ocala area, but for your ongoing support as I settled into my home.  You helped me so much and I have recommended you to all my friends for their real estate needs.

When we decided to retire to Marion County my research on the area led me to the fire hose of information within Joe Dallorso’s website. Because of his depth of knowledge and experience in the area we realized he would be the best choice to help us find exactly what we wanted. And we were pretty darn picky about what we wanted! Joe arranged for us to receive MLS notifications of every new listing that fell within our desired parameters but it took almost a year for the right house to come along. Joe always responded quickly to any message we sent and he never made us feel as though we were taking too much of his time or being unreasonable about our expectations. When our new house came on the market we knew immediately that it was the right one and Joe took it from there. We closed 5 weeks later. If you’re looking for a dedicated professional with extensive experience in the Marion County real estate market we highly recommend Joe Dallorso!

 I met Joe when I came to Florida to look at different 55 plus communities. I was not ready to buy at the time so Joe sent me all the listings of every house that went on the market. After two years, I was ready to buy and found my house from his website. Joe was a real help and guided me through the whole buying process. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for a new house. Very satisfied home owner, Janet

Until we found Ocala House Hunter, we had never even thought about using a buyer’s agent.  However, it was probably one of the best decisions we made, especially when moving long distance to an area we knew little about.  It was very helpful to deal with a person who was familiar with all the available developments and housing possibilities, as well as the local amenities in general.  We were able to get a feel for how it would be getting around the area (not hard!) and what the lifestyle would be.  Setting up a cart through Ocala House Hunter to look at property listings was a great idea, allowing us to zero in on what we wanted and discard what didn’t suit us, even before we left home.  This made our actual time in Ocala looking at houses much faster and more productive.  Mr. Dallorso’s knowledge of the whole house buying adventure, including advice with regard to bankers, mortgages, inspectors and other factors made the process much easier than we thought it would be.  Highly recommended!  Iris and Joe Z.

I tried to move to the Ocala area for 3 years.  I knew the area was beautiful, because I have an aunt who lives there.  I wanted to use the money from the sale of my home in Queens, NY to finance it.  Why bother paying interest on a mortgage if you don’t have to?   I decided on buying a house in Citrus County, a half hour from Ocala.  I figured Florida real estate would be way different from NY, so I would need a buyer’s broker to advise me.

In doing my homework, I found Joe’s site.  I followed it for some time.  I found it informative, so I contacted Joe.   My place finally sold, so I came to Florida to start shopping. Joe found me a nice home–even though it was outside of Ocala.  But then the NY deal fell through, because my buyer failed to qualify for a mortgage.  Back to square one.  Some time later, I got another buyer, and I came down to Florida to try again.  Joe found me another nice home.  Turned out my new buyer had a criminal record, and the HOA turned him down.  Another deal gone sour.

The third time was the charm–finally.  In fact, I heard that expression so much it was getting annoying.  Joe found me another nice house, and the deal finally went through.

Throughout all of the ups and downs, Joe was there.  I learned a lot not only about the real estate market down here, but also about the different requirements of owning and taking care of a home in Florida.  Joe was an outstanding ally in my struggle to find the home I wanted.  Florida is great, BTW.  NY could stand some improvement, as many of the people fleeing from there will tell you.


Joe Dallorso has been an encyclopedia of information for the Ocala area. He had kept in touch with us in SC from earlier this year and answered all of our questions. His website has a lot of information along with the “listing cart” is a great tool to use to look at homes. He went above and beyond to show us homes we were interested in. We would definitely recommend using Joe for your relocation assistance to the Ocala area.

Emily and I had become interested in Ocala, Florida living and before long were looking at information about houses for sale. We came across Joe Dallorso’s website. Joe was very prompt responding to our request for information.

From that point on looking for a house became easier because Joe determined our interests and wants.

He screened all properties eliminating those that did not fit what we were looking for. He sent emails with those that did. When there were enough prospects we could go to Ocala where Joe would schedule time to tour all the houses. He offered valuable insights and information about the area and houses.

When we had a prospect, he clarified the offering process and handled all the details and followup. This included such things as inspections which he attended.

When a deal was made, he handled all the paperwork and other things that needed to be done as well as attending the closing to make sure there were no hitches.

We can only say Joe was extremely professional in all that he did from search to sale and that we would recommend him to anyone looking for a house.

How to make long distance moving to Ocala? Simply put use Joe Dallorso of Fontana Realty as your realtor.

As a single working person from New Jersey, Joe was the first realtor from this beautiful Ocala area to respond to my questions before I agreed to move.  His kindness and knowledge of the area easily convinced me that Joe would be my realtor for this move.  He guided me through each step, taking nothing for granted.   He spent a lot of time with me showing me many re-sale homes in my limited time and  within my price range.  He never pushed for houses I didn’t feel I could afford.  Joe never judged my silly questions and answered everything to the best of his knowledge.

He assisted with the paper work, contacts for a temporary mortgage, even shopping guidance for changes I wished to make to my new home.  He walked me through each step of closing and gave me valuable information regarding the items I needed to know to take good care of my home, items that are not common up north and living in an active adult community

Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance with the purchase of our new winter home in Palm Cay.  After seeing your web site we chose you and we were fortunate to have done so.  After much research using the thorough information you have gathered on your website, we chose a home from the internet that we thought would be a great fit.

You were the perfect choice for us as we live in Colorado and would be making our decision to purchase site unseen.  With your experience and commitment to assist us, we did find the perfect place.  You were our eyes and ears, guiding us with photos you sent, advising us with the offer, and suggesting the best inspectors to finalize the purchase.
We were so pleased to be able to meet you in person last week during the move in process.  Indeed, the house was more than we expected and we couldn’t be more satisfied with this purchase.  We look forward to enjoying our winter get away.  As you advised,  Palm Cay was a great match for us and our lifestyle.  I would enthusiastically recommend you and your website to anyone considering a move to wonderful Ocala!

“Buying a property is not easy – particularly if the property is in Ocala and you live in England!

Although we have bought and sold a number of properties in England in Florida the market, house style and legal aspects are all completely different. We needed someone who knew the Ocala market, understood the legal aspects and would be willing to lead a couple of Brits through the purchasing process. Joe was the man!

Our search started online and we soon discovered Joe’s web site which was a mine of factual information. Through the web site we were able, with Joe’s help, to narrow down our search prior to visiting Ocala in September.

During September we viewed a number of properties which closely fitted the brief and after one false start (not all sellers are willing to be realistic!) found the property we have bought.

Joe gently guided us through the whole process to closing the sale. Communications were not always easy – we had no US cell phone for example – so much of the contact was via email. None of this “fazed” Joe who was knowledgeable, calm and supportive throughout.

Thanks Joe.”

In late 2016, we thought about making a move from California to Florida. But, we didn’t know where to begin our search. Thankfully, we discovered Joe’s website where we found answers to our many questions about over 55 developments in the Ocala area. Based on the valuable information that Joe made available through his site, we decided to  make an appointment with him during a visit to Florida in late February. The primary purpose of that visit was to determine which development(s) suited us. Joe took us around and explained the pros and cons of each. As a result, we were able to narrow our focus. We returned to California and sold our home with the prospect of returning to Florida in early April to buy another home. In advance of our return, Joe created a “shopping basket” for us based on our parameters, i.e., price, square footage, area, etc. When we returned to buy a home, Joe was there to show us homes in our “basket” and help us navigate the purchase of our new home. Joe is a seasoned real estate professional who knows his way around this area. He also has a great deal of patience with buyers who are unfamiliar with the various state, county and city regulations/intricacies. Once our offer was accepted, Joe also directed us to various vendors that could help with the “close” such as home inspection, survey and insurance. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants a conscientious, streamlined and no nonsense approach to buying a home in this area.

Dear Joe-  Bernie & I wanted to take the time to say how much we appreciate all the hard work you did in helping us find the house of our dreams. It started 4 years ago when we found your web site and read the reviews from other people who you had helped. All we wanted was someone who would be honest, dependable, and have good commonsense. Joe you gave us all that and much more. Your patience, kindness and understanding of our needs went far beyond our expectations. You took the time to help us in so many ways, so we took the time to say thank you.

I had contact with Joe about a year ago and he sent us a lot of homes to look at .WE had been in our first home for 53 years and we went back and forth if we should relocate.  With Joe’s help and expert help we felt confidant we made the right decision.We couldn’t have had such a great and smooth transition Without Joe.    Al And Barb   Oak Run

Joe was very easy to work with and we appreciated his laid-back personality. We had researched all the communities in the area — Joe’s website was very helpful — and had narrowed down our search before we even contacted him. Joe did everything he needed to do from​ lining up showings to advising us on our offer. He was quick to answer questions and made the entire process smooth and stress-free. That and he’s a nice guy! We would not hesitate to recommend Joe!

When we were looking at homes in the Ocala area, it quickly became apparent that we needed a little guidance. Joe turned out to provide just the service we needed. We told him what we wanted, and he set up a custom web page showing us houses that matched our parameters. We viewed them at our covenience and marked the ones that intrested us. Joe would give us a printout of information about the house and then show us these homes while answering our many questions. His experience in Ocala communities proved very helpful in our search. It took a few trips, but we did find a home meeting all our needs and most of our wants. 
I can tell you that Joe is an efficient and effective buyer’s agent, and was a great help to us in the entire home buying process. 

I would like to recommend Joe Dallorso to anyone who is interested in moving to and buying a home in Ocala, FL. I first contacted him over a year ago with my interest in moving into a 55+ community and he has been sending me homes to review while I planned for my retirement throughout the year. I particularly appreciated that he used my criteria and did not try to push higher priced homes for my review unless I requested this. He also kept me apprised as to the change in home prices and updates about the communities. His website is great and I started there in my search for a home. I made two visits to the area and he spent several days with me to examine the homes I had chosen and also made excellent recommendations to consider. I chose my home in Stone Creek and I am very happy with it and the community is so nice and welcoming. So, if you are looking, be sure and contact Joe for a great realtor experience.

Mr Joe Dallorso helped us to find a great house in the Ocala. We were living in Washington DC so it was hard to search the listings but Joe sent us several listings and gave us the options to see what he saw come on the market so we would not waste any time we we flew in. We found the perfect house in a great community thanks to Joe’s patience and resources. Mr Dallorso helped us inspect the homes because of his experience as a builder. Mr Dallorso and Fontana Realty – simply put “AWESOME!”

Hi Joe, Just wanted to take a minute to Thank You again for helping us find and purchase a home in Ocala. Our family members had recommended you and we are so happy for the way you took us thru the process of selecting and purchasing a great home. We truly could not and would not have been successful in dealing with all the banking regulations and hoops they had us jump thru in order to obtain an out of state purchase. Joe you are a true professional in every aspect of your business and personal life. Your two new friends from Minneapolis, Mn…….Eldon & Steve..

I made a great decision when I selected Joe for my Buyers agent. He guided me through the entire process. Joe was easy to reach and very responsive to text/email. He clearly had my interests as his top priority. Joe handled three site visits to the home I was purchasing, as this was a long distance purchase for me. Joe exceeded my expectations and his knowledge resulted in me purchasing my dream retirement home at a great price. I recommend him unconditionally. If you need a buyers agent, select Joe, you will not be disappointed.

Joe Dallorso has a quiet manner and a straight forward approach. He was readily available and he answered ALL questions quickly and thoroughly.  His avid attention to detail made me feel comfortable and I simply trusted him.

Since I traveled from out of state he had dedicated his weekend to find me a home but as can happen my deal back home fell thru.  When it came time to look again I found myself dealing with a health issue and was not able to travel to Ocala. So Joe and I worked on-line and he was my “eyes” in Ocala.  Together, with his guidance and knowledge Joe made this possible and I found my wonderful home!  He literally handled everything.

I owe Joe a great deal.  I found him to be of the highest caliber and I enjoyed working with him.  Joe is “one of a kind”!

My wife and I moved to Fort Myers, Florida in 1981 and built our home there. The town was a lot smaller then and Fort Myers was a sleepy little town with beautiful beaches. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. We decided to look at Ocala because we loved the beautiful rolling hills with wide open spaces. We came across Joe’s web page and it was like the Wikipedia of real estate information and I knew this was the right person to help us find a home. As we knew little about Ocala we made an appointment to come see Joe prior to moving to Ocala, to meet in person and discuss our wish list and ask him to help find the right community for us. He was patient, accommodating, extremely competent and professionally ethical. With high moral standards, professional work ethics, and pleasant personality Joe Dallorso is your perfect choice. We are now happy homeowners in the Marion Landings community and love our home.
When you know very little about an area to live and live so far away from this area it’s important to have someone who knows the area and one you can trust. Joe is such a person.
We were finding searching for homes in central Florida difficult until we ran across Joe’s website. There, we found an abundance of helpful information about the Ocala community which Joe knew very well. He removed all our doubts about the area and made our decision to relocate in this area a positive one.
As I am handicapped, Joe understood my unique needs and patiently sought only homes that could fill them. Our first visit was to explore the area with Joe. He walked us through several homes and listened carefully to our comments to focus in on our exact needs. Our next visit was as buyers and Joe had a long list of potential homes. We soon found one and love it.

I had successfully used a buyer’s agent on three previous occasions, so when we decided to retire in the Ocala area I began my search for an agent.  My google search uncovered a few hits but Joe’s website and his picture with his dog were impressive (we are both pet lovers). Joe responded quickly to my initial email.  Mid-way through the process we decided to make a major change. My initial price point was not producing properties we liked. Joe suggested we might consider an increase which would produce a different outcome.  WOW, he was right! Found the home on day 2, made offer, and the rest is history. Joe knows the market plus he knows house construction and provides knowledgeable observations.


“When we first decided to move back to Florida I knew I wanted to live in a 55+ community. So, I did a google search for realtors in Ocala that specialized in 55+ communities and found Joe’s website. The website was perfectly laid out which made our research so much easier. I contacted Joe and we talked via emails back and forth. Joe is very knowledgeable about all the 55+ communities in Ocala. Now three months after my closing we still chat by emails or I sometimes run into him in the community.”

We were looking for a realtor to assist us in our plan to relocate to Ocala.  We were somewhat familiar with the area from 10-15 years ago but were not sure what to expect.  As our search unfolded it was clear that Joe’s website had everything we needed to know and more!  What we didn’t find on the website Joe cheerfully and thoroughly provided to us.  After we selected Stone Creek, Joe helped us with the process and made sure we had all the information about what was inside and outside our community.  His experience and knowledge about Ocala helped make the move much easier than it would have been on our own.  Thanks Joe!
My husband and I decided to escape the snowy northern winters and become snowbirds.  After trying Arizona we surprised ourselves by deciding on Florida.  Then came the issue of how to shop for a home from hundreds of miles away.  Cruising the internet off and on for days I came across Ocala House Hunters.  What a great find that was!  Joe answered my e-mails promptly.  After speaking with him on the phone and finding he had utmost patience with my many questions about the general Ocala area, we made an appointment with him and flew to Florida.  He was prompt, courteous, friendly and extremely patient.
He had several homes lined up for us to visit in three different communities.  He covered a lot of area with us and was extremely knowledgeable.  We knew after the first day that Joe was the agent for us.  Over the course of a year we had many phone calls and a couple more visits to Florida and with Joe’s expertise found the perfect home for us.  
I highly recommend Joe to any buyer new to Florida or just new to the Retirement Communities.  He has the insight, experience and professionalism needed.  Thanks Joe!

Cheryl and I came across Joe’s Ocala House Hunter site when we started to focus on the Ocala area for a new home. With our interest in a 55+ community and his knowledge of Marion County and the different community lifestyles that it offers, it was very beneficial to have an agent that would be looking out for us. We were new to this type of community living and we relied on his wealth of expertise regarding homes and types of communities available in the Ocala area as a basis to find our new home. Based on our conversations after touring and reviewing different communities he was able to help us hone in on the communities that would best fit our lifestyle and budget. With so many options available in Ocala this process proved to be a real time saver to narrow our selections and build our short list of homes. We’ve purchased both new and used homes before and with Joe’s personal style, straightforward guidance, perception of our needs, and without any pressure to buy, he made the process both refreshing and enjoyable.

Kevin & Cheryl

Stone Creek

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