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Ocala Florida sunrise behind tree
Horses at fence in Ocala, Florida
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Horses in field in Ocala Florida
Fence at sunrise in Ocala, Florida

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A Yankee’s Guide to Ocala Florida

If you already live in Florida then this report won’t be anything new but if you’re from up north you need to read this.

  1. The prefered method of construction here in Ocala is cement block covered by a skim coat of stucco. This is because of the termites.
  2. Most houses are built using trusses to support the roof so there is no attic storage space.
  3. Houses in Ocala are built on a concrete slab, so there is no basement.
  4. Storage is either in the garage or closets. Get rid of all your junk before moving to Ocala!!
  5. Most homes have a lawn sprinkler system. Running off city water is expensive. An irrigation well is highly prefered.
  6. Grass grows best in the warm weather, by that I mean above 80 degrees. It goes dormant and turns brown in the winter.
  7. Be carefull working in the yard. Turning over a big rock or log may reveal a big snake.
  8. The seasons are backwards. Summer is hot and humid and you might want to stay where it’s air conditioned. From October to May is dry and pleasantly warm, a great time to work outside.
  9. Ocala does have a winter of sorts. It can go below freezing for a short time at night a few times a year.
  10. Both heat and air conditioning come from the same unit.
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